Valentine’s Ball (Saturday)

Saturday night is Valentine’s night at GNSH! Time to get dressed up in your vintage finery, chat to friends and your GNSH family.

Angela Andrew

Back at GNSH for a 6th time, is one of the original GNSH teachers, Angela Andrew (AKA Cookie)

Angela Andrew is one of the leading lindy-hop teachers on the international scene. She is renowned for her explosive energy and improvisational skills on the dance floor. She started lindy-hopping in 1991 at Jitterbugs having an already established dancing and teaching path.

Sharon Davis

Sharon Davis is a professional dancer, specialising in Lindy Hop, Charleston, Burlesque and other authentic dances from the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

David Madison

Back with the blues this year, all the way from the USA for the fourth time at GNSH, is Dave Madison.

Dave discovered partnered dance through Lindy Hop back in 1996 and then found Blues while dancing at the Austin Lindy Exchange in 2001.

Soon after, he became instrumental in the origins of the contemporary Blues house party which eventually led to our formal Blues Scene

Alison Marsh

Back as a teacher at GNSH is Alison who storms, from the Hertfordshire scene in the UK. 

As a civil engineer, by day for a major water works company, Alison has no hesitation in piping up! 

Alongside her passion for Lindy Hop, Alison has a background in drama, Ballroom and a keen focus on Authentic Jazz movement, which adds to the fun and dynamics in her classes and on the social dance floor.

Jon Tigert

For the first time, teaching at GNSH and in our new home for 2015, as a GNSH virgin, is Jon Tigert , from the USA.

Jon Tigert is an internationally recognized professional Dancer, Choreographer, and Instructor in the Swing Dance community.

Jenna Applegarth

For the first time, teaching at GNSH and in our new home for 2015, is Jenna Applegarth, from the USA.

Charlotte Middlemiss

Back again as a teacher at GNSH is Charlotte Middlemiss, from JiveSwing.Com in Hertfordshire, UK.

Charlotte is currently one of the youngest and busiest international swing dance teachers in the UK. During the week, she teaches weekly Lindy Hop and Jazz classes for adults during the evening in Hertfordshire / London and is a specialist dance teacher for children at various schools throughout the UK, during the day..

Joseph Sewell

Known for his exciting, historical and inspirational classes, Joseph is currently one of the UK’s leading swing dance teachers, choreographers, performers and avid social dancers of authentic swing dances, with a big passion for Lindy Hop.

Having taken classes from Frankie Manning, the first wave of international instructors and teaching since 1996, his main focus has been the Lindy Hop, Blues, 1920′s Charleston, Cake Walk, Snake Hips, Mambo and Authentic Jazz touring all over the UK and Europe, offering musicality and styling for leaders and followers.