Valentine’s Ball (Saturday)

Saturday night is Valentine’s night at GNSH! Time to get dressed up in your vintage finery, chat to friends and your GNSH family.

Register for GNSH 2016

13th – 16th February 2015

Registration for GNSH 2015 will commence at 12:00pm midday on Friday 12th December 2015!

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GNSH 2016 News..

“GNSH 2016 – Dates confirmed… 19th – 21st February 2016.

In 2015, after many years at Haileybury, GNSH moved to a new location, at a great new venue in the heart of Watford. It was a great atmosphere..

It was our first year.. We listened very carefully to feedback and now we are ready to produce GNSH 2016.

GNSH History

The name Goodnight Sweetheart (GNSH) was created by Joseph the founder of, whose favourite sit-com was Goodnight Sweetheart. The leading character would time travel between modern day and the 1940s enjoying a split life in the 2 decades. Joseph thought he could do the same, by having workshops in the modern day, then transform the evening into a 1940’s atmosphere.

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At GNSH we keep our pricing vintage! Where else could you get free drinks, snacks, workshops and top quality entertainment all in one place for one price?!

GNSH 2015 ticket – £129.99 Early Bird*
This includes entry to workshops, tasters, the evening dances with live music, complimentary snacks and hot/cold drinks!

Eating & Drinking

FREE Food & Snacks..

In true GNSH style, we will be providing FREE light snacks and drinks throughout the weekend to keep your energy levels up throughout the workshops and evening parties. Feel free to eat as little or as much as you like!

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